Badminton Exercises Every Beginner Should Know off

Badminton Exercises Every Beginner Should Know off

Every badminton segment needs a warm up and cools down exercise to not regret the soreness of their muscle the next morning. It also improves their agility and strength while performing the playoffs, as it serves as the backbone of a player’s technique. Some beginners fail to see the importance of badminton exercises, which may cause them to not gain the advantage in the game.

Badminton Exercises 101

To ensure a winning streak, you should be mindful of the initial preparations that you should do before entering and even leaving the court. In this text, the different exercises will be familiarized with accordance with its accentuated benefit.

Grip and Forearm Exercise

The ability to execute an excellent grip and forearm strength reflects on how you generate and deliver power as you hit the shuttle with your racket to the opponent’s side. To have the upper hand, you need to improve the strength on that specific muscle location. In the process of exercising, you should keep in mind that lighter weights are more recommended than heavier weights, as it is a small muscle compared to the rest of the remaining muscles, which also promotes the absence of injury.

To be familiarized with the grip and forearm strength, here are some of the following exercises that you can do–

  1. Hand Grippers

It is subjected to strengthen the player’s fingers in terms of grip strength. It can be done by gripping or squeezing the hand gripper as fast and as tight as you can. Do this in three to five sets as many times as you can.

  1. Training Racket

To do this, you can use an actual training racket or a badminton racket with its cover. To perform the exercise, you should hold the racket with a relaxed grip. Then, do a short swing while tightening your grip, such as like a shuttle coming in your way. Alternate the backhand and forehand movement for the distribution of strokes.

  1. Dumbbell wrist curls

To achieve the exercise, you would need a dumbbell with at least 1 to 10lb. You would need to hold the dumbbell in one hand as your palm is facing up, then place the arm to a flat surface. Then, hold it lightly with a relaxed grip which indicates your starting position. Keep your arm static and still, while tightening your grip and curling your wrist up which brings the dumbbell on your direction. Repeat the initial position and final for three sets of ten reps.

Badminton Stroke Exercise

This exercise is done to improve your aim or stroke on the racket. The technique is accentuated, and so does its execution. To preform these better, the exercises that are suggested are as follows–

  1. Rear-Court Single

To do this, the positioning is in the second half of the court before the rear line. Then, hit the shuttlecock back and forth as high as possible. Doing this can help you execute clean strokes, as well as achieving the precise power needed in every technique that is attempted.

  1. Improve the weak strokes that are familiar to you

You would need a companion, or a friend to serve the shuttlecocks at your direction for this segment. They should be directed to serve the shuttle in all direction, allowing you to use a different type of strokes and techniques that can be executed and shall be improved. This also helps you to react quickly especially when served with a smashing technique.

  1. Half-Court Single

This exercise focuses more on technique execution rather than footwork or placement in court. In this, the half of the court is only used in terms of doing this exercise. With less space, it limits the variety of strokes that you can do, and so as to movement, The more confined space helps you to train your reflexes quicker than usual, while still delivering the strokes and technique that you want to execute for the opponent.

  1. Practice on lifts or smashes

Professionals often practice their proper smash execution and their smash defense to stay in the game, for it mostly serves a thin line between winning and losing. To do this, a player will act as an executioner who will lift the shuttlecock, and perform a smashing motion while the other player, the defender, attempts to hit it. This can work vice versa to practice both players in two different technique.

Footwork exercise

The ability to perform the correct footwork is crucial for balance and the execution of the technique. It is needed to have precise movements without giving out excess energy and time than what is needed. To reach your room for improvement, here are the following exercises that suit your preference–

  1. Skipping

The act of skipping is known as hopping one of your foot continuously or. It is advised to be done for at least 12 minutes a day. This will promote a light movement for your toes and added comfortability of movement.

  1. Jogging

Jogging is much like doing a running movement but with a slower but precise pace. It improves your stamina and endurance while in game, which eliminates your ability to be caught off guard due to the unknown direction of the shuttle that may be because of exhaustion. You can do this three days a week, and giving at least 30 minutes of your time in a day.

  1. Footwork sound

Practice your footwork with as little noise you can achieve as possible. This may mean less impact, which causes you to absorb pressure and balances better. The quality of footwork would be established, and so as your ability to perform it better while in game.

 Final Thoughts

Exercise for a better badminton experience!

Performing initial badminton exercises before the game improves your performance, and so as its execution after the game affects your muscle endurance. For most beginners, they neglect the significance of exercise in different aspects, causing them to have a weakness such as poor footwork, or stroke skills.

Being introduced to different training exercises and their specific agenda gives you the advantage of performing ahead of every player, as your muscles are well-aware of the strokes and techniques that you are aiming to execute.

To achieve the professional level in the world of badminton, perform the appropriate exercises that improve the way you play!


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