Badminton Net Height – Know the Exact Height

Badminton Net Height – Know the Exact Height


In the first few days when you are learning the badminton sport and its execution, you may often find your shuttle servings stuck at the net located in the middle of the court. You may find it infuriating as you go along, for it somehow blocks your aim to the opposite side of the court. Sometimes, you aim too high that it does not direct at the opposite court, while the remaining aim may be directed too far that it gets caught up to the intersecting lines on the net.

Badminton Net Height

In this occurrence, you may wonder “How high is the badminton net height?” To know how to aim at the exact distance, the following information will be all about its distance from the floor, and why is that so.

How high is the net?

The net height has not been changed ever since and is precise in every badminton tournament that you may encounter with. Specifically, it is 5 ft in the middle of the court, while it is 5 feet and 1 inch in its poles. Translating it to the measurement of meters, it should be precisely1.55 meters on its posts and 1.524 meters at the center court.

The BWF (Badminton World Federation) instructed the official height on the year of 1934 and is still the same as of today. It is important to take note that the posts should be placed at the indicated double lines in the middle of the court. It should also be in a straight vertical position for the net to be hung, and should not be bend on any directions. Also, the posts should not be sticking out of the net material and that the net should be sturdy enough in its position.

Setting up the badminton net

It is important to consider the rules set by the BWF in terms of the court set up and the overall rules and regulation. The height level of the net should be the same in any aspect, may it be singles or doubles. In setting up the net for the incoming badminton game, you should keep in mind the appropriate size of the net, the position in court, and that is should not have a gap space between the post and the net.

Though, if it is not an official tournament, it is acceptable to place the net however you want it. The main idea of badminton for leisure is to have fun, and not for any competitive purposes. In teaching kids how to play, it is recommended to adjust the net height, as the high possibility of not reaching it may discourage them.

Also, keep in mind that the net kits sold online or at stores may not meet the official size set in badminton nets. If you want, you can modify it to the extent of meeting the required size or leave it as it is to play with your friends and family.

Keep in mind that indoor badminton nets tend to have lightweight poles, as it does not need to withstand the weather occurrences and that may come in your way. The net also comes in different materials, such as polyethylene, nylon, and vinyl. In an official game, the poles tend to be metal but are subjected to change for leisure badminton sets,


The badminton net may seem troublesome for the strategy in mind at first, but you would get used to it in the long run. The net may be treated as an added difficulty in the playing field, as it does not helps you direct the shuttle accurately to the other side the way you want it. Though, in the long run, it can work up to your advantage as it works as the same for your opponent. Know its height, and keep it in mind as you aim to hit the shuttle to the other side of the court!

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