Badminton Strategy Singles – Beginners Guid

Badminton Strategy Singles – Beginners Guid

You went through all the trick shots only and thought yourself to be for smashing your opponent. Well, I am afraid. This might not work very well for you. Besides the techniques and trick shot, you need some badminton strategy singles for your game to have a glorified win to your account.

Badminton Strategy Singles 101

Moreover, you will have to come up with some solid ideas to outsmart your opponent. This would be possible only if you plan your gaming policy in an organised way.

Here, today, I will be giving my two cents about the strategies that ought to be adopted during a badminton (singles) match.

  1. Movement Pressure:

The first strategy that is mostly suggested in singles badminton game is giving your opponent a movement pressure. This applies that basically, you are forcing him to change his direction and cover distance swiftly.

Will his movement favor you? Yes. It definitely will.

When your opponent moves swiftly in the court, he will have a difficulty reaching the shuttlecock and consequently will not be able to hit it in time.

Now, when he attempts to play a weak shot, you either push him even farther from the court, or you attempt to win the game.

  1. Deception:

If you want to win the game, you need to understand that you will have to deceive your opponent with some of your tricks.

How will deception help you out? The answer is if you finally get successful in deceiving him, he will move in the opposite direction before you even hit the shuttlecock. Then when you end up playing a different shot, he will miss it.

There are some technical shots that can help you to deceive your opponent.

  • The first method is to slice where you give the appearance of giving a powerful shot in one direction while you are playing a shot in a different direction.
  • Double motion is another deceptive trick, where you begin a racket swing in one direction initially and then before taking it back you start a new swing in a different direction.

One thing that has to be kept in mind is that you have to keep in mind that deception is your ability to manipulate your opponent’s perceptions.

  1. Playing a winning shot:

An essential strategy, you have to abide by that never play aggressively throughout the game. This will make changes to lose the game rather than winning.

Never go for a winning shot, unless the situation calls for it. You might be surprised that how could it be possible not to try winning the game. Well, you are right! We must try, after all, we are playing to win. But play smartly!

Always look for the opportunities when the opponent in not a position to counter-attack. This will the time when even your risky shots can turn out to be safe and successful.

The key is that you always have to have such shots that will not be completely different, but you play them in such a manner when the time demands that they become more threatening.

  1. Got a hold of the net; you won:

Your net skills hold a critical position in determining your winning situation. For this, you have to have a firm hold on the forward position at the net. An outright winning shot will be required if you’d want to win the game.

To win the game, you must have to keep your net kills very abrupt. If it’s otherwise, i.e., your shots are flat then it’s most likely that your opponent will be able to play them back.

One thing that is to be given sheer importance, that if your hit is very abrupt, then it could be of no use. The reason being the shuttlecock will land beyond the short service line. You have to make sure it stays in the court.

Whenever you play a tight net shot, make sure you stay close to the net. You have to keep your racket side angled towards the shuttle so that you are ready to respond quickly.

  1. Playing Building Shots:

Building shots mean that you lay some firm foundations to win the game.

Before attacking your opponent, you have to build movement pressure on him. If you are failed to do so, he will then counterattack your shots very successfully.

Firstly, if your opponent has gained some advantage over you, you have first to neutralize them by building your shots. Never go for winning shots unless and until you don’t develop building shots.

For example, if you play a smash, it could be of a high threat since your opponent will be in a position to defend himself by lifting high and deep to the center or counterattack within the blocks.

So it is always best to develop building shots at first, once you are done with them. Now you are safe to strike a smash.

  1. Central Base

During the badminton singles, you should be able to occupy all the parts of the court which implies that you should be in a central base position. If you fail to occupy the central position, then the results can be horrific.

If you are at the back, you won’t be able to reach to the front and vice versa. Similarly, if you are at the right, you won’t be able to reach the left and vice versa.

You will be in great threat if you encounter a competent opponent. He will be able to hit the shuttle in any part of the court, and if you are not occupying the central position, it will become very hard to reach that part where the shuttle has hit.

  1. Hitting the Corners

As I just discussed above, how important it is to occupy the central position to reach any part of the court wherever the shuttlecock has just hit.

Now imagine, if your opponent to knows this strategy and he occupies the central position all the time. You have to move him far away from the central. We got a solution.

Hit the corners! Yes. It will help you a lot.

By hitting the corners, you are forcing him away from the base position. This will result in creating open spaces in the court, and you can hit the shuttlecock there, and he will miss them.

  1. Hitting the middles

You decide to play a high serve then never hit it to the corners. This will never create movement pressure on your opponent. The reason is that they serve high, and so your opponent has plenty of time to get there and hit the shot back.

Now, whenever you play a high serve, or a very high lift and clear, always play it in the middle.

Final Words

So, these were all the strategies whenever you are playing badminton singles. But just going through them will never be enough. You will be needing very much practice to get pro in giving your opponent a tough time and win the battle of badminton.

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