Badminton Techniques and Trick Shots For Beginners

Badminton Techniques and Trick Shots For Beginners

Badminton is such an amazing game. Wouldn’t you agree? If you do, then you must be curious about the game. I started playing a while back. Wouldn’t say I am a pro but I tried my best to learn as much as I can.

Stamina is essential for a badminton player, but if the player lacks basic badminton techniques, then I am not sure just how good of a player you are going to be. Want to learn some amazing techniques?

Badminton Techniques and Trick Shots 

Down below I will list some of the details that I picked up as I continued to play which helped me to win those matches. Let’s get to that then.

  1. Proper Racket grips in Badminton

Before you start playing badminton, you’ll need to look for your grip.

The first one is a Forehand grip. You will have to hold the racket in such a manner that it is pointing downwards instead of pointing flat.

Get the racket in hand and get a hold of the grip. The next step you ought to do is encircle the grip with the first three fingers. Form a V shape with your hand with the grip by placing your thumb above the middle finger. You got the perfect grip.

It’s the time to swing the racket.  Swing it without having anything in your way to block or hurt your wrist.

The second one is back-hand grip, with the thumb pointing on the flap of the racket. You got a grip of the handle. All you got to do now is to switch the pointy finger down and place your thumb on the flat end of the racket. Consequently, this position will give you a nice hand push.

The third one is an overhead backhand grip. In this gripping position, you will have to hold your thumb on the groove.

There are two purposes for this position. It allows you to swing a fore-power, without having any restrictions on your wrist and gives you a direction of choice.

  1. Swing

The first shot is a Forehand overhead shot. Starting, hold the racket up with the elbows slightly bent. Having your other arm in front and swinging the shot, you must make sure your body should be the pivot point.

Extend your hand first without stranding out your elbow. Then flick your wrist and turn out the racket head.

You might not be able to hit anything if you don’t follow the above-mentioned steps.

The second shot is the Overhead backhand shot. To execute this step properly, you need to have a proper backhand grip. You will start off with your right elbow pointing upwards, and the racket heads towards your left shoulder.

From here, extend outwards. Turn your body and snap at the last second with your wrist either straight or cross.

The third shot is Forehand Underhand. For this position, you need to have a proper forehand grip. Firstly, lock your wrist before you hit the shuttle and push forward with your body.

When you snap your hand upward, your racket makes an angle while you are hitting the shuttle upwards.

The fourth shot is Backhand Underhand. For this position, you must have a proper backhand underhand grip to execute this shot correctly.

You will start with by having the racket in front of you with the grip slightly locked. Your racket at this position should be facing forward. While you come in contact with the racket, push forward your body so that your racket is at such angle that it will go forward rather than just upwards.

  1. Basic Foot-works

The first footwork is forward for-hand.

At this position, you have to start with your left leg going forward and then ending with your right leg slightly at a lunging movement.

Your foot should be towards the direction that you are going to and not straight. It can result in injury, otherwise.

The second footwork is Forward back-hand. In this position, the player has to make sure that the left foot goes first. If you are right-handed, then the right foot should reach the net in the end.

When you reach the net, make sure you don’t take a step back; rather you should shuffle back instead. The reason is that, had it been for your leg to go back first, it will take a longer time to hit the shuttle since the distance between your hand holding the racket and the shuttlecock coming from the opposite side increases.

The third footwork is the Forehand side footwork. You should lunge outwards with your right foot forward in the direction in which you are moving and not straight.

Now proceeding forward towards the fourth footwork which is Back-hand side footwork. In such a position, you need to have a balanced posture in a lunging motion. Hit with your backhand and shuffle back to the original position.

  1. Short Serves in Badminton

In Short, serves there are two positions.

The first one is Back-hand short serve. Here, firstly you would need to have your thumb on the flat end of the racket. You will have to hold the racket in front of you, its face down.

Put the shuttlecock in the middle of the face of the racket and push forward.

And there you go!

The second position is Forehand short serve.

Your right foot should be in the back. You will hold your racket face down. After this, you will hold the shuttlecock with one of its feather in front of you.

Before making the shot you will eventually drop the shuttlecock, swing forward. Always aim for the white tap at the net.

  1. Long Serve

In long serve too, we have two positions.

First one is Forehand long serve. Here you will firstly have a forehand grip. Then right leg in the back. Holding the shuttlecock with its face in a forward position. The racket should be at your back and release the shuttlecock before you swing.

Finally!! Hit.

The second position is Back-hand long serve. Your right foot should be in the front so should be your racket. Then you shuffle back, and after locking your wrist, you hit at a final speed.

 List of Trick Shots

Done with the techniques? Well, these techniques would help you a lot if you are a beginner in the world of badminton. Let’s say if you are already into this game then every game of badminton that you ever play.

The few prominent trick shots are listed as below:

  1. Clear:

In this trick shot, a player has to learn to hit the shuttle in such a manner from his backcourt into the opponent’s backcourt to create space in the forecourt.

The shuttle should be hit at maximum height with your elbow completely straight. One thing that should be kept in mind that you have to hit the shuttle in front of your body and not behind your head.

  1. Drop:

Here, you will have to hit the shuttle in such a way that it comes close to the opponent’s net. It will reach the opponent forecourt.

You should touch the shuttlecock gently, so it doesn’t go very higher and just a little above the net and falls very closely into the opponent side.

Moreover, you should raise your racquet and point it towards the shuttle in a very accurate manner. If by any mistake you hit the shuttle very low or high, it will fall either very close or far from the net respectively.

  1. Smash:

If you master this trick shot, you have already won the match.

In this short, a player has to hit the shuttle from his midcourt into his opponent midcourt which will win him a point.

If you have a strong badminton smash, you will find almost no defense against this smash.

An excellent smash does wonder. Doesn’t it?

The speed of the shuttle while making a smash should be high; otherwise it won’t be a successful smash attempt.

  1. Drive:

Have you failed to hit back the shuttle during the smash trick? You need not worry. I have got another trick for you to turn over the tables:


Here, you have to hit the shuttle from the sides of the court when it has gotten too low to be hit with a smash.

  1. Net drop:

In this trick, you have to be alert about the position of your opponent. If the opponent is in the backcourt, hit the shuttle in such a way that it goes to his forecourt.

While making this short make sure that the racket is parallel to the floor.

Final Words

Now, as you got an overview of badminton techniques and shots. Leave the internet, get your equipment. Get your friend or sibling on the board and start practicing all the shots. You are the winner.

Do remember one thing the techniques and shots will work out in a better way when you practice a lot since practice makes a man perfect.

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