Best Badminton Players- You should Know off

Best Badminton Players- You should Know off

Badminton is an indoor sport that can casually be played as an outdoor sport for recreational purposes and professionally played by the best badminton players. Badminton, considered as the second most popular sport after soccer, is quite easy to play and requires minimum equipment, a racquet, a shuttlecock, a net and 2 to 4 members as opponents.

The game developed in British India as a recreational, casual game in the mid-19th century, which later on took part in World Games in 1981 and later on took part in Olympics in 1992. And now in Summer Olympic, it has four events of men’s singles, women’s single, men’s double and women’s double.

Top Badminton Players

Though first developed in the Indian subcontinent and thus still widely played in Asia; some major European countries gave it world recognition at first and formed a governing body which now is known as BWF-Badminton World Federation. And since then BWF has been sanctioning Badminton Tournaments, governing it and ranking the players.

And following this article contains the list of top 10 Badminton players.

  1. Lee Chong Wei

He is a Malaysian single player, who has won 3 silver medals in Olympics via presentation of pure skill. From the year 2008 to 2012 he was ranked first worldwide, which also gives him the record of being the first Malaysian to hold this position for more than a year.

Lee Chang, born in 1982 (36), right-handed, has a career record of 705 wins and 134 loses. His current ranking is 15 according to BWF ranking.

One fun fact about him is that he used to favor basketball more, as a child, but his mother banned him from playing basketball, which eventually led him towards Badminton and thus world got one great Badminton player.

  1. Chen Long

Chen long emerged into the world of Badminton as junior champion in the year of 2007. Born in 1988 (30), Long is a single Chinese player who defected Lee Chong in 2016 Olympic and won the gold medal, proving himself to be the next Champion in Men’s single category.

He holds the career record of 367 wins and 84 losses. He has been two times world champion and all-time England champion. His current ranking is 4. He always admired and followed by Lee Chong and Lin Dan. He is also even known as junior Lin Dan or little Dan.

  1. Lin Dan

Lin Dan is also known as super Dan is considered to be one of the greatest badminton players of all time who has completed the Super Grand Slam by winning all the 9 significant titles of badminton. Born in 1983, age 35, Dan is a left-handed Chinese men’s single player who got the nickname “Super Dan” after winning All England Championship and since then widely known by this name in media and by fans.

He has a career record of 636 wins and 103 losses. Dan’s attainment of the glorious titles of Olympic champion (twice), World champion (5 times), and all England champion (6 times) tagged him as “the greatest badminton player of all time.” His specialty lies in his technique of playing. He is a risk taker who easily smashes tricky shots even when off balanced, and that’s his best feature.

  1. Viktor Axelsen

Axelsen entered into badminton world through 2010 World Junior Championship. Born in 1994, aged 25, he is a right-handed player from Denmark who became BWF world championship by beating Lin Dan.

He has a career record of 303 wins and 118 losses. He is the first ever European player who won the title of World Junior Championship in 2010. According to BWF ranking, his current position is 6, clearly showing potentials to become a great success.

  1. Jan O Jorgensen

After Viktor Axelsen, we can add another badminton player from Denmark in our top 10 list is Jan O Jorgensen. Born in 1987, aged 31, this right-handed player from Denmark won European Championship in 2014 and represented SIF.

He has the career record of 406 wins and 202 losses and is also the first European who won the Indonesia Open as a men’s single player. One fun fact about him is that as a teenager he was passionate about cricket and even was a cricket player. His highest ranking was 2nd, and current raking is 22nd.

  1. Carolina Marin

Next, in our list, we have Carolina Maria Marin Martin, a Spanish women’s single player. She is the first female badminton player to achieve three-time world championship in 2014, 15 and 18. She has won the first gold medal of her career in 2016 Rio Olympic. She is also the first Spanish player to achieve the first world position. She also has got the record of four-time European Championship.

Born in 1993, this left-handed, 26 years old player has 335 wins and 102 losses in her career so far. Her highest ranking has been number one, and her current ranking is 2nd. Her specialty is in her powerful smashes and swift moves.

  1. Wang Yihan

Next in the list is this retired Chinese player who started her career at the age of 9. She achieved the top 1 ranking in 2009 and showed significant successes during her career.

Born in 1988, aged 31, this right-handed player has 368 wins and 91 losses in her career record. Fun fact is, she was recommended to play volleyball because of her height but ended up finding her passion for badminton and for which she always gives credit to her mother.

  1. Li Xuerei

She is the most successful Chinese player after Wang Yihan, who started playing badminton at the age of 7. She is in the 3rd position as a women’s single player. She won the gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics and became runner up in 2013 and 2014 World Championship.

Born in 1991, this right-handed player has the record of 319 wins and 66 losses and also has won 14 super series titles. Her specialty lies in her excellent techniques and both physical and mental strength in the court. She was ranked number 1 in 2012, and her current rank is 23rd.

  1. Ratchanok Intanon

On the 9th position of our list, we have Ratchanok Intanon, a rising player from Thailand who already has proved her worth. She has been ranked as World’s number 1 in 2016 and also the first player from Thailand to have this achievement in women’s single. She also won her first individual international title at the age of 14, in 2009 which made history in BWF Junior World Championship, being the youngest ever to win the title.

Born in 1995, aged 24 this right-handed player has so far the career record of 342 wins and 155 losses. Her current ranking is 8.  Her specialty is in her relaxed hitting motion and light movement.

  1. Tai Tzu-Ying

And finally on our list is a Taiwanese player who won the Taiwanese ranking competition at the age of 16 and thus making history of being the youngest ever to achieve that in Taiwan. She was born in 1994 and been active since the year 2009. She has 338 wins and 134 losses in her career record. She was highest ranked number 1 in 2016 and also her current rank is 1 according to 2018 BWF ranking. Her specialty is in her spontaneous and unpredictable shot techniques.

Final Thoughts

Though Badminton World Federation (BWF) has some other top player list based on different categories like men’s double, women’s double, Junior BWF Championship. But the players mentioned are the best badminton players that stand out individually as top badminton players from every list.

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