Best Badminton Strings For Smashing, Power & Control 2019

Best Badminton Strings For Smashing, Power & Control 2019

Badminton is a sport that can be played by all, irrespective of how old you are. It is a fun sport that only needs a racket and shuttlecock to play. However, many might not know that in order to adjust your performance according to your preference, you will need the best badminton strings available out there.

For example, amateur and beginner players will need a string that has consistent durability and adequate repulsion power in order to control the speed at which they can hit the shuttlecock with the racket.

On the other hand, for experts and professionals, selection of the perfect strings is an essential task. They need to look at the string tension along with their feelings in order to deliver their best performance.

Now, are you confused about what strings to buy? Don’t worry as we will make this job easy for you by providing a comprehensive guideline to badminton string review.

Best Badminton Strings For Power And Control 

The first three things you need to keep in mind while choosing strings for your racket are repulsion, control, and durability. Below, you will find a list which has been prepared keeping these factors in mind. So here goes the list for the best string for badminton 2019.

1. Yonex BG-65 – Best Badminton Racket String

Yonex is well known for its range of badminton related products. The first pick on our list is one of the best Yonex badminton string. It can be used by players ranging from amateurs to professionals due to its exceptional quality.

The strings are extremely durable due to their thickness of 0.70 mm. No matter what force you use to strike the racket, the strings will always provide a feeling of soft delivery. But if you don’t prefer softness, you can just strike the racket at 30 lbs.

However, the softness of delivery can sometimes cause trouble as well. The string tension is reduced when the strings are 0.70 mm thick. So to get a good tension, you need to strike with great force.

Hence, for professional and expert players, it is highly recommended that you hit while exerting some force. The strings are available in a range of colors. For new players, a soft hit at a force of 20 lbs is enough to get a good delivery.


  • A thickness of 0.70 mm
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Suitable for players of all levels


  • Getting a good amount of tension is difficult

2. AshawayZymax 66 Fire

The next pick on our list is one of the best badminton string for control. Due to its measurements of 22 gauge, it can provide amazing control and retain any level of tension.

The thickness of the strings is 0.66 mm which is lower than the previous one, and hence no problem with tension persists in this particular model of strings. Players who are looking for something that is at the mid-point of power and tension, then this one should be your choice.

It is also highly durable as it is made with a polymer. Every time you hit the shuttlecock, the repulsion power of the strings to provide the correct throw is perfect. It is recommended that you apply a tension of about 28-30 lbs in order to get the most satisfactory results.


  • Provides amazing control
  • Best choice for players who prefer control and accuracy
  • Extremely durable


  • Not suitable for players who prefer power over control

3. Yonex BG 65 Ti Titanium Badminton String

Products made in Japan have a good reputation of always having unprecedented quality without any flaws. The Yonex BG 65 Ti Titanium String also falls into the same category. Manufactured in Japan, it is made of titanium which makes it highly durable and strong.

Having a thickness of 0.70 mm, it does not break even after the roughest of use. Hence, this is one of the best badminton string for durability.

It comes in the color black and is suitable for players of all levels. Like the other BG 65 model offered by Yonex, this one too provides soft feel while striking.

However, the downside is tension is reduced due to the thickness of the strings. It is highly recommended that you apply a tension force of 30lbs while using this product.


  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Made in Japan
  • Best for providing a soft feel


  • A high level of tension force is needed to get the best performance

4. ASHAWAY ZyMax 62 Fire Badminton String

The AshawayZymax 62 is one of the best string for power and control. The strings have a thickness of 0.62 mm which makes the tension force very controllable.

So no matter what force you use to strike the racket, you are sure to get the perfect delivery due to having great control. It is able to retain the initial tension set by the strings when the racket is struck due to which quality performance is ensured.

This string is suitable for medium-level players. As beginners might not have a proper grasp of how to control the racket, and the professionals need more precision, the intermediate level players will find the most comfort while using it.

So if you like playing badminton from time to time, this is one of the best Ashaway badminton string which should be your pick.


  • Ensures power and control
  • Thin strings provide good tension
  • Highly suitable for intermediate players


  • Strings might easily break due to low thickness

5. Yonex BG 80

The best string for power on our list is the Yonex BG 80. Yonex always delivers strings of great quality and this one is no different as well. It is specifically suited to satisfy the needs of the intermediate and advanced players.

It has a thickness of 0.68 mm which is the average thickness needed to provide good repulsion at high tension. It is also available in a variety of colors.

This string is not suitable for beginner level players due to its immense power. If they use it, they might get the feeling of hitting metal or a wall.

Hence, it is highly recommended for beginners to resort to another option manufactured by Yonex if they are still unsure about their capability to handle power and prefer softer hits.


  • Best strings for power
  • Suitable for mid and advanced level players
  • Available in different colors


  • Not suitable for beginners

6. Li-Ning Badminton Racket

If you are looking for the best string for repulsion, then we may have an answer for you. This next pick on our list provides exactly that.

The string is coated with nanomaterials which makes it highly durable. Moreover, the coating provides an excellent repulsion due to which players, ranging from amateurs to experts can all play badminton with it.

As its name suggests, it ensures all-around string performance and provides a sense of balance in all sections.

Be it power or control, you will feel at ease while using these brand. Having a thickness of 0.70 mm, long-lasting durability is ensured as well. It comes in the color yellow and requires a tension force up to 30lbs to get a satisfying hit.


  • Thick strings
  • All-round performance
  • Best badminton strings for repulsion


  • Some expertise is required to perfect the tension force needed to deliver good performance

7. Yonex BG66 Ultimax

Yonex has a type of string suitable for everyone. The BG66 one is for those who want comfort and control while playing badminton. Known as one of the best badminton string for smashing, this string comes at a thickness of 0.655 mm.

This is thinner than most of this brand’s other varieties. Due to the thinness, a soft feel cannot be achieved while striking. It is more suitable for good repulsion and smashes. Whenever the shuttlecock hits the racket, you will get the satisfaction of a good hit.

This string is however very fragile. When hit too hard, it might break. So it is recommended that you maintain a moderate tension force while using it.

Beginners might face difficulty in using this string as it does not provide a soft feeling and can smash very hard.


  • Ensures comfort and good control
  • Does not require a lot of power to hit
  • Extremely good for smashing


  • Not suited for beginner level players

8. YONEX BG68TI Titanium 

As its name suggests, this variety of strings made by Yonex has a thickness of about 0.68 mm. It is made of titanium.

The major difference between this type and the other one made of titanium mentioned earlier is that this one was not manufactured in China. The strings are suitable for players who are looking for a mid-range level of control and feeling.

The repulsion power of this string is great and of top quality. So you can hit the shuttlecock with amazing satisfaction.

However, the strings are quite thin. So if hit too hard, they might snap. Therefore, durability is a big issue. It is recommended for use by beginners and intermediate level players.


  • Made of titanium
  • Provides good control and feeling
  • Great repulsion ensured


  • The strings are not durable and might snap easily

9. YonexAerobite Badminton String

The next pick on our list is quite unique due to its hybrid nature. It is one of the best hitting sound badminton string. The uniqueness comes from its combination of two types of gauges.

One gauge is white while the other is red. The main one is white and 0.67 mm in thickness. The cross one is much thinner with a thickness of 0.61 mm. Each gauge is coated with different materials which serve a variety of purposes.

Due to the two types of strings used, you can easily get good quality repulsion which is quick.

Therefore, a good smashing sound can be obtained if the shuttlecock is hit properly. So if you particularly enjoy hearing the sound of a good smash, then this one should be your pick.


  • Two types of gauges used
  • Great repulsion
  • Good hitting sound


  • The strings are too thin

10. YonexNanogy 98 200m Badminton Racquet String

The naming suggests that this particular variety of string produced by Yonex has something to do with nanotechnology. And that is exactly the case. These strings were made using nanotechnology which makes them highly durable.

They are one of the best badminton string for high tension due to its structure. The strings are metallic gold in color which gives it a stylish look.

This variety of string is perfect for clean and defensive shots due to its smooth deliveries. The sharpness of the hits is ensured by its 0.66 mm thick gauges.

Being not too thin or thick, it gives off a good repulsion and thus ensures excellent performance both indoor and outdoor. So to obtain one of the best badminton racket string tension experience, you can try the YonexNanogy string.


  • Made with nanotechnology
  • Ensures good tension
  • Provides good repulsion


  • The strings might snap if hit too hard

Buying The Best Badminton Strings – Ultimate Guide

Badminton String Tension – Everything you Need to Know

Knowing badminton strings and their variety will surely give you an upper hand while choosing one for yourself, but keeping the tension aspect of the strings in mind is equally important.

Before knowing the different tensions that exist and how it correlates to the performance of the racket, you may have a question about the string tension itself. The spring tension is basically the force exerted to tie the string with the racket and the result it gives when the racket hits the shuttle has a direct relation to how tightly or loosely the strings are tied.

 Lower String Tension

Moderately strung rackets are advised for beginners and intermediate level players. This is because the surface area has a wider sweet spot and the players will be able to access it easily. Since it is easier to hit the sweet spot the players do not have to be painstakingly accurate.

Lower tension creates a softer surface for the shuttle, hence, the softer bed creates more give, more bounce, and the player can hit with more power which is generated from the racket. For beginners, the advised tension is 19-21 lbs and for intermediate level players, the advised tension is 22-24 lbs.

Stringing at a lower tension increases the durability of the strings and the racket itself. However, lower tension can result in having less control of the shuttle.

High String Tension

For the professional and confident players, the high string tension is definitely the way to go. Even though the sweet spot is smaller when the strings are tightly strung, the professionals can aim right on it and get an excellent shot. However, the players have to be very accurate in order to hit the sweet spot, which is second nature to the advanced players of course.

The surface area created by tightly strung strings results in a harder bed and the racket is also under pressure. This causes the shuttle to gain less strength and momentum from the racket itself, rather gets the required bounce from the player’s stroke. As a result, the players can be as aggressive as they want with their shots. Advanced players are recommended to play at a string tension of 24lbs to 27lbs. Professionals can play at 27lbs to 30lbs.

However, one should keep in mind that the professionals don’t have to buy their own equipment; hence, they don’t really care for the durability of the rackets and strings. High string tension damages the string and the racket in the long run.

High Low Comparison

  • Power- more in low tension, less in high tension
  • Control- less in low tension, high in high tension
  • Durability- more in low tension, less in high tension
  • Vibrationless in low tension, more in high tension

String Tension for Plastic Shuttle

For the price discrepancy, many players might prefer playing with plastic shuttle instead of feather shuttles. In such cases, the recommended string tension should be 2-3 lbs below the actual range and the player should be good to go.

Buying strings for your racket seem like an easy chore until you hop on to purchase some for yourself. That is because the market is saturated with varieties of badminton strings and there are a few factors you have to look out for before making that purchase

The thickness of the strings

The thickness of the string is extremely important as it will determine the durability and the tension of the strings. Widely used strings usually have over .60 mm to their width, which is ideal to create enough power for a decent stroke. The Yonex BG-65 range would be a good pick for this particular concern.

Level of control

It depends up to you on how much control you can exert on the racket. However, there are factors such as the length of the racket, the pressure by which the strings are tied and the shuttle that is used to play. For professionals, the Yonex series would be highly feasible.

String Tension

String tension is key when it comes to badminton rackets. Knowing the appropriate level according to your expertise can make or break the game. So, definitely keep the tension in the advised zone to gain maximum outcome and to avoid injury


If you’re a professional player and the smashes are hardcore, then you may want to look into nanotechnology weaved strings as it coats the material and increases its longevity. The Yonex series is appreciated for the unique durable features.

Comfort and Color

Playing with comfort definitely boasts the chances of better shots and if you can make it look pretty while at it, then who would complain? By choosing the right string and maintaining proper tension the player can have comfortable control over the racket and the bat. Plus there are stylish colors such as golden strings to make every shot look phenomenal.

Maintain and Repairing Badminton Strings

Your game will heavily depend on the health on your strings. So needless to say, you should maintain and repair your strings accordingly

Tie the strings properly

The wires can run vertically and horizontally in one piece or each line may consist of individual strings. Make sure to tie each end securely and that the pressure is the same along all strings. If you are weaving one large strand, then make sure to insert in the same direction to maintain consistency.

Keep an eye for defective strings

The strings will not behave the same across the surface as the shuttle hits at a different spot each time. So, it is necessary to detect the defective strings and cut them out.

Maintain tension

Abusing the string tension is one easy way to reduce the life expectancy of the racket and the wires. So, make sure to maintain an appropriate level of tension.

Maintain balance with the racket

Pick and choose a string that has a width which is compatible with the racket. Otherwise, the racket will slowly lose its structure due to the unnecessary from the strings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are some of the best badminton string materials?

Answer: Monofilament strings are made of polymer while the multifilament strings are made of various materials like nylon, zyex, and kevlar.

Question 2: What is the meaning of tension of the strings?

Answer: The tension indicates how tightly the strings are pulled when you hit the racket. Different strings require different tension force to provide sufficient power.

Question 3: What are the string tension levels for different kinds of players?

Answer: For beginners, the recommended tension level is 20 lbs, while for mid-level players and experts, the tension levels needed are 24 lbs to 28 lbs respectively.

Question 4: What ensures the durability of the strings?

Answer: The durability mostly depends on the material and the thickness of the strings. The thinner it is, the easier for it to snap.

Question 5: What are the 3 main qualities to consider before buying badminton strings?

Answer: Firstly, you need to assess yourself and how well you play. Secondly, you need to check the thickness of the strings. Thirdly, you need to check the power, control, repulsion and comfort level provided by the strings.


Hopefully, this article dissolved all your confusion about the best badminton strings. Next time you go out to buy it, don’t forget to take a look at this article to make the best choice.

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