Common Mistakes Made By Beginner Badminton Player

Common Mistakes Made By Beginner Badminton Player

When it comes to racket sports, Badminton is the first one that comes in mind. This game needs no explanation as it has been played by almost everyone around the world. As much as it looks exciting, the game is easier to pick up.

Like all other sports, Badminton comes with various techniques. Executing the procedures properly will lead to effective performance. When a beginner player starts to pick up the game, they fall in the trap of wrong techniques.

Due to this, they face various mistakes while playing. Their performance degrades due to the game pressure which disrupts their mindset. Though it is relatively an easy game, a common error arises. To avoid this, repetition and strong mentality is necessary.

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Common Mistakes Made By Beginners 

So what does Common mistakes does a beginner make? The answer lies in the discussion below. After reading this article, you will have a clear understanding of the mistakes made by beginners, and from that, you will be able to find a solution to take your game to the next level.

Weak Grip Strength

The first step to play badminton properly is to have a strong grip. Not only beginners but also experienced players do this common mistake. Many beginners hold the racket in a way that they feel comfortable rather than a professional way; as a result, their performance turns out to be disappointing.

One of the common issues about forehand grip is panhandling it. Usually, panhandle grip is only applied for drive shots, but a large number of players use this grip for forehand shots which is incorrect. You will lose a huge amount of energy if you use panhandle grip for forehand shots. The consumption of your energy will take you nowhere and drag you straight towards poor shot performance.

Holding Too Tight

Holding the racket too tight is very common for beginners. They feel like it will help them go for a power shot without the racket slipping out from their hand.

Unfortunately, this kind of technique is not beneficial for the player. The player will be completely exhausted by applying this technique. With the arrival of exhaustion, chances of maneuvering or grip changing are meager.

Illegal Serves

Illegal serving is the last thing anyone will expect from a sportsperson. Beginners tend to move their body parts very slowly which results in unlawful serving. This happens when the point of contact is above the permitted height which is just below the lowest rib. It is better to take notes from the mistakes of other players and work on it.

You can practice your serving in front of your partner or friend and let the person watch your serving. In this way, you will be able to find a legal point of contact. Along with that, constant repetition and practice will make you a better legitimate server.

Too High or Too Low Serve

To play safe, badminton beginners go for various poor serving. Unfortunately, serving too high will give the opponent a kill shot and serving too low might hit the net and land on the place where your opponent will take the point.

Receiving The Serve Incorrectly

Poor reception is a bad strategy and will not help you score a point. Many beginners prefer to perform a clear shot while receiving a serve. This is considered as a poor strategy because your opponent will get a chance to hit a driving shot.

Along with that, you will lose the opportunity to go for a smash or confuse your opponent. Usually, beginners use this poor strategy due to nervousness. So, regular practice is necessary to elevate the confidence.

With a boost in confidence, controlling the speed of the shuttlecock and executing with proper power will become easy. So, smashing a service or hitting other shots will be effective which can leave the opponent struggling to go for an attack.

Smashing Too Hard

Smashing too hard is a common bad habit that most beginners apply while playing. You will feel like you have owned the game during that time, but this technique will backfire within no time.

It is true that your power shot will force your opponent to go for a weak shot which will give you a huge advantage, but the direction that you shot will go is uncertain.

Also with that, beginners put their whole body to add weight to the smash instead of only using their hand weight which will leave them out of their breath. So, you have to know where to distribute your energy by learning different techniques from an experienced player.

Clearing Frequently

During a certain period, clearing comes in handy but removing frequently will give your opponent a competitive advantage. Only use this when you need extra time to reset yourself.

If you make it a habit of the clearing, your opponent will use it to turn the table towards them. Remember, always be in an attacking position when your opponent hits a weak clear.

Getting Demotivated

If you are new to the game, you will experience demotivation. But this is the last thing you should be doing while you are playing. If you dwell on your mistakes, you will make more mistakes throughout playing badminton.

You need to have a strong presence of mind and not let your emotions get the best of you. Even professional players made mistakes during various tournaments. So, you should not be too hard on yourself. Work on your mistakes and take on step at a time towards the solution.


Nobody is perfect in this world. If you are not making any mistakes during your game, you won’t know what your weaknesses are. So, it is better to work on the areas that you feel like you lack behind.

Someday you will win, and eventually, you will lose. This is the universal aspect of the game. Start from the basics and have an idea about the techniques that you will be able to adjust and gradually level your way up to the top.


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