How to Defend a Smash

How to Defend a Smash

Defending a smash in one of the most essential skills in a badminton game. Having a strong defending skill will make your opponent to earn game points easily. Defending a smash requires reflex, timing, and preparation. There are key steps and techniques that you will need to learn and adapt to defend a smash.

Defend a Smash

  • Step 01- Position
  • The first thing to defend a smash would be the positioning for your stance in the court. If you are at the wrong position, then there are chances that you will not be able to defend the smash. Now the question is where you should stand in the court after you serve the shuttle?
  • You have three choices. You can be either closer to the net, or at the rear court or exactly at the center. You can also stand a little bit forward or backward from the center of your court.
  • The most convenient place for you would be to stand a bit backward from the center to be at the perfect position to defend a smash. If you are at the center or even a bit forward, then there are chances that the speed of the smash could be faster. Then it will be difficult for you to defend the smash as you will have a very little time and space to react to the situation.
  • But if you stay a little bit further back, then you will be able to see the shuttle better and will be able to measure the distance from your opponent. You will have enough time and space from you racket to defend the smash. Also, at this position, if the shuttle comes towards the upper part of the body, then chances are that the shuttle will be out of the court.
  • As a result, you will have the advantage of defending the smash and could even get the point. But if you are at the center or even at the forward position then will you not have enough space and even height to defend the smash.
  • There is another reason for which the player should not be standing at the center position; rather one step backward is because of the drop shot because no drop shot will land near the net. Most of the time it will land around the service line. So, if you are at the center or even at the forward position, again will you not have enough space to and time to tackle the smash and return to your preferred position.
  • Step 02- Posture:
  • The most difficult shot at defending is to the body. Therefore, the player’s posture should be smaller and crouched looking towards the opponent remaining in the posture instead of standing straight. In this way, you will be able to see the shuttles better and defend smash easily.
  • Other than that, your movement might be a bit slower to react while playing shots or defending shots. So your posture should be smaller and crouched, meaning the upper body and the lower body keeping closer. Then your weakness will be covered by the racket while defending a smash.
  • Step 03- making Steps (Movement):
  • The step is a very important aspect for preparing your self from making any shot to defending opponents shot. If you just stand still and make a move slower, then you will find yourself in a difficult position. That’s why you must be always on your toes and be agile with your movement.
  • You must find your rhythm and always watch your steps. If you observe all the real matches worldwide, you will find that all the players are continuously on the move, being agile on their steps rather than standing and waiting for the shuttle. Maintaining the right posture and remaining on your steps will always give you an advantage in defending a smash.


Technique 01- Racket position:

  • When the shuttle is in the air, you do not know whether your opponent will smash or make a drop shot or a clear shot to be exact. Most dangerous shot in this situation is a smash shot. In that case, your racket should be in a downward position the smash shot might come.
  • From that position, you will be able to easily tackle any clear or drop shot made by your opponent. But if your racket position is higher when the shuttle is in the air, the opponent might obverse it and take advantage of making a smash immediately. In that case, you might not have enough time to put down the racket and defend the smash.

Technique 02- Racket skill:

  • Racket skill is very important in defending the smash. Especially for the fast, sharp stroke skills the finger power is needed. Using your wrist every time to defend or even making a shot will not be a feasible idea. In that case to save time and return shots, you need to improve your finger power as part of the racket skill.
  • In general posture, your racket should be away from your body. Keeping your racket away from your body will give you space and strength to return a smash instead of keeping your racket closer to your body. Using your finger power while keeping your racket away from your body will make your move faster as well.

Way forward:

You just need to practice more and more to master these techniques in the first place. Secondly, your footwork is also important. But above all, to be a better player, achieving better techniques, becoming more skilled player will depend on your mind to be ready at the right time keeping all the above techniques in mind.      


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