How to Play Defensive in Badminton?

How to Play Defensive in Badminton?

Every badminton player should learn how to play defensive in badminton. Like attacking play, defensive playing is also a required skill. Having a strong defensive skill will help you to tackle your opponents.

 Play Defensive in Badminton

The stronger your defence, the harder for your opponents would be to earn points from you. There are a few steps that you should consider while controlling your defensive playing.

The Basic of Defensive Badminton

Let’s get on to the main topic then. Down below I will list all the basic that you should know off as a newbie.

Step 01- Position in the court:

Being a position in a specific place of your court is the first thing that you need to make sure of for playing defensive in a game.

Whenever you make a clear shot or make a smash, get back to the position, just behind the area from the center of your court. Meaning you must stand slightly backward position from the center of your side of the court.

Being at this position, you will be able to get some time to observe your opponent.

From that position, you will be able to defend any smash shot or even drop shot as you will have enough time and space to move around, rather than to stand at another certain place in the court.

Step 02- Defensive stance:

Keeping in mind about your position in the court, you have to adopt a defensive stance at the second step.

You must take a bend down stance keeping your upper and lower body closer to each other. Keep your back straight and bend your knees as well.

Next, you have to make sure that you are holding your racket in front of your stance.

This will help you to reduce your time to respond to any shots your opponent might play. More specifically this will help you to defend any strong smash that you will encounter.

Although stance is critical, you will never know whether your opponent will play drop shot or even smash at any point. Therefore, always keep a light grip to easily move your racket.

This simple technique will help you to play any backhand or even forehand shots within a fraction of time.

Step 03- Key consideration:

  • You should be facing your opponent. In that way, you will be able to move forward, backward or even to your left and right. Standing sideways will require more time to react to a specific shot.
  • Defending stance is the key to play defensive in badminton. Standing casually or standing at a certain place will not help you to play a good game.
  • Many badminton players fear the shuttle. When you fear the shuttle, you will unsurprisingly take the slightly side stance that can give your opponent a clue about your weakness.
  • Last but not least, you always have to be alert and always keeping an active movement to take shots and moving back at the defensive stance.

Various Defensive Shots:

Being defensive means not letting the shuttle fall inside your court. Taking certain positions and steps will not be good enough to play defensive in badminton.

You also have to learn some defensive shots as well. Defensive shots are a technique of mixture of anticipation and reflex to return the shuttle. There are several ways to play defensively:

Backhand Defence

This requires your thumb to be on the flat side of the handle as the thumb’s pressure receives and sends back the shuttle.

When the shuttle is smashed, the defender quickly moves the racket head slightly upward and even at a forward position to make contacts with the shuttle.

Forehand defence

For this type of defense, you have to use a normal forehand grip. There is no specific stance or even positions that you need to master. Just be attentive while making any shot in this case.

Lifts Shots

If you cannot reflex to an attack immediately, your best option of offense is just to lift it. When the attack gets too strong, playing a lift instead of counter-attacking is the best idea.

Though lift shots will always give your opponent to play continuous smash shots, sometimes it’s a necessary shot to defend and counter your opponent.

Drives Shots

A great response to attacking shots is to drive. This shot gets the shuttle beyond the opponent making it difficult for the opponent to intercept and return. This shot is more appropriate to tackle smashes that are flat.

Net-block Shots

When your opponent is standing away from the net, this is the good shot to immediately give a challenge to your opponent.

You have to play it fast so that the opponent doesn’t intercept it. Consequently, you have to follow the shuttle into the net for a successful blocking to the net.

Pushes Shot

This shot is effective most when the opponent comes too forward, although it is considered as a form of block shot.

In this shot, you aim to drop the shuttle in middle court, when you observe that your opponent has come forward and closer to the net. Judging the spot right is always important to avoid any risk in the game  .

Way Forward!

There are many other types of shots for playing badminton beautifully. You will need to know and practice the basic shots to begin first before jumping into too many complicated shots.

Badminton is a game for all ages. This sport requires a wit for strategy as well as quick decision-making capability.

Thus, playing badminton can increase your intelligence and productivity while improving your reflexes. If you are a beginner, you just have to try these shots and techniques to enjoy the fun part of the game.

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