Top 8 Badminton Equipment Beginners Should Know Off

Top 8 Badminton Equipment Beginners Should Know Off

If you have the right badminton equipments, nothing can stop you from achieving your badminton goals.

Sportsmen play an essential role in sports, and so do the equipment used for the game. Without proper and best badminton equipment, any game becomes an ordinary one.

Are you a badminton enthusiast? If yes, then why not explore the world of the best equipment required to ache any game of badminton.

Badminton Equipment

In this article, I would be giving you a detailed overview of some of the top accessories which act as the backbone of the world of badminton.

Let’s go!

  1. Badminton Racquet

Want to have the best game? The ultimate solution is your racquet.Badminton Racquet

It has to be the best badminton racket if you need to be the winner of the game. After all, it is one of the most essential equipment required for a match.

There are many things which have to be kept in mind while choosing a racquet. The tension in the string and weight of the racquet are some of the critical elements to consider.

Besides these elements, there are some standards which Badminton World Federation has fixed for the size of a badminton racquet. You might need them while not playing professionally but they do matter when it comes to a professional match.

The length and width of the badminton should be 68 cm and 23 cm respectively. Moreover, the length of the string of the racquet should never exceed 27.94 cm and width should be of 20.9 cm according to the rules and regulations of BWF (Badminton World Federation).

Furthermore, a player should have a firm grip over the racquet. Otherwise, a loose and shaky grip can cause a troublesome game.

  1. Shuttlecock

Alongside Racquet, an excellent shuttlecock too can be considered the backbone of the game. You can use natural, synthetic feathered shuttles or synthetic, non-feathered synthetic shuttles and plastic shuttles while playing.Common Mistakes Made By Beginner Badminton Player

Now, it depends on your ability to smashing the shot as to which type of shuttlecock shall you use.

One thing you have to keep in mind, plastic shuttlecocks are always considered to be for the beginners. They are light in weight. But as far the feathered ones are considered, they are used in professional and higher level games.

Okay!! So, if you want to go for a feathered one, you will get a shuttlecock where the feathers will be fixed under the leather cover. Here too, the BWF has standardized the size of the shuttlecock. The weight ranges from 4.77 gm to 5.50 gm.

  1. Badminton Shoes

Done getting the best racquet and shuttlecock? Let’s shift the focus towards the court shoes. You might be thinking, do the sports shoes play any such important role while you play, smashing and answering the cock in the court.

Well!! Yes. They do.

Badminton shoes are specially designed in such a manner that they give you better adhesion and control.

Since, the shoes you wearing hold the office of bearing and enduring your weight, so they need to be super comfortable. What you should be doing is to get your hands on such shoes which are lined inside with soft material.

These cushioned shoes will never let your feet enter into a fatigued state. Therefore, no matter how tiring the match is, your best quality shoes will coordinate with your skills to make you a winner.

What we learned is: never compromise on the quality of your shoes if you genuinely want to smash your opponent in badminton.

  1. Badminton Net

It’s fine weather outside. You want to refresh your mind from the hectic routine that has encapsulated your life. You pick up your racquet and shuttlecock, take your friend or sibling out with you. Boom!!

You started your game. Wait, it’s not the case always. When it comes to professional badminton, a net becomes utmost important equipment. Would any length or type of net do for a fair game? I am afraid, No.

When the net is selected for badminton, the following dimensions should be kept in mind. You have to choose a net of a specified height of 5 feet from the ground and 5 feet and 1 inch from sides.

The net should have white wiring at the borders to make it visible to both the players and officials.

  1. Badminton Socks

You wanted something light on your pocket and ended up getting some cheap socks to go with your court shoes. Now you regret buying them because they aren’t of much help and cannot even absorb the sweat properly.

Trust me!! You make a blunder when you compromise on the quality of the socks. Always choose such high-quality socks which can soak up a sweat and give your feet a relaxed feeling during and after the game.

  1. Wristbands

Even a single game of badminton can soak you in excessive sweat from head to toe. You need to be armored against this sweat to never become a hurdle in your game.

Yes! You heard me right.

When your hands become sweaty, you start losing your grip on your racquet. For this purpose, good quality wristbands are always there to help you out. The wristbands will absorb the sweat and never let it reach the handle of the racquet.

  1. Headband

Headband plays an equally important role as that of the wristband. Once you have put it, it is soaking the sweat off your for-head and consequently never letting it getting it into the eyes. Moreover, it also stops hair messing up with your eyes while playing.

  1. Badminton Clothes

The clothes worn during the game should be light ones so as the heat and sweat produced should be absorbed effectively. Comfortable shirts and shorts should be preferred that don’t hinder your movement during the game.

Final Words

So this was a detailed overview of top badminton equipment  that you need beforehand while entering into the game of badminton. These badminton equipment are an absolute must, these items will play the role of a game changer for you.

But one thing that is never to be ignored, equipment won’t help you to ache the game unless and until you lack the motivation to do the best and give the best.

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