Top 8 Badminton Facts Everyone Should Know Off

Top 8 Badminton Facts Everyone Should Know Off

Badminton is the second most popular game in the world. Why wouldn’t it be? After all, in the gloomiest and stressful days, this game becomes a source of fresh air for your mind and soul. So it is quite obvious that anyone interested in badminton would be knowing all the rules, techniques and badminton facts.

Badminton Facts

Howsoever, badminton is not just about hitting the shuttlecock unless you or your partner misses the chance to hit it back. Rather badminton could be regarded as a whole wide sea in a single drop.

Wait! Did it become too metaphorical? I am sorry, but badminton holds some most interesting facts in its world which you and I are going to explore together in this article.

  1. Shuttlecock’s feathers:

According to the Badminton World Federation, the standard weight of shuttlecock varies between 4.74 gm and 5.5 gm.

The shuttlecock is of different types, natural, synthetic and plastic, etc. The feathers of a shuttlecock are generally taken from the left wing of a goose.

There are 16 feathers used in the manufacturing of a shuttlecock.

While making the shuttlecock, this fact is kept in mind to not take feathers from different wings as they are shaped differently.

  1. Strings of the badminton racket:

In the modern world, with the advancement of science, most of the hand made things are being replaced machine made items. In this case, for instance, are the strings of the badminton racket.

The strings of the badminton in the ancient times used to be made from the dried stomach lining of animals like cats and cows.

Now, some players still use this source for the strings of their rackets but are majorly replaced by the synthetic strings.

  1. Badminton played with feet:

The game of badminton has ancestors to its attribute. It was initially played with the feet of the players. They would use to hit the shuttle with their feet instead of the racquets.

This game can be called the forerunner of badminton and was originally played in China. This sport was called Ti Zian Ji.

The interesting fact is that this game is still played in China.

  1. Badminton: A popular game:

According to research done by the BBC Sports Academy, Badminton is the second most popular game in the world, after football which occupies the top position.

In 1992, Badminton was included in the Olympics for the first time. About 1.1 billion people watched the Olympics badminton matches live on their televisions.

Woah! Badminton is quite popular. Isn’t it?

  1. I came to smash! now or never

Badminton is the fastest game, where a player can smash the opponent with a high-speed shuttlecock. The maximum speed of the shuttlecock is 200 mph.

There is an amusing fact that will surely blow your mind that in 2005, the fastest badminton hit was 206 mph by Fu Haifeng of China.

You might still be in awe about how the badminton is the fastest game. Hold on! Badminton can be the slowest game as well.

You are tired, and you need something to relax you down. Badminton is a

You are not a professional badminton player, but you got to play it just to relax from your nerve-wracking routine. You are in the wrong place. Plane a trip to England.

In England, Badminton is used for more or less such relaxing recreational events. In “No String Badminton,” people play in a fun and relaxed mood.

  1. Badminton was not Badminton but Shuttlecock:

“Let’s play Shuttlecock.”

Sounds unfamiliar. Initially, badminton was used to be called shuttlecock. I am not even kidding. It had a larger name “battledore and shuttlecock.” Since such fancy names can be used in movies alone, so for the convenience the name was changed to badminton late on.

  1. Want to stay fit, play badminton

Yes! You heard it right.

If you want to burn some calories and not know how start playing badminton, the amount of calories you burn depends upon your weight. If you weigh 200 pounds, then by playing for about one hour at the moderate intensity you will likely to burn some 544 calories.

What are you waiting for then? Start the game.

  1. Play Badminton; Live a happy life:

Feeling stressed? You need to play a game of badminton. It is scientifically proved that a game of badminton helps in reducing hypertension and strengthens your muscles.

Moreover, it also helps in the prevention of blood clogging and reduces it by 43 %.

Final Words

Weren’t these facts just mind-blowing? Well, surely they were. From its ancient history until the manufacturing of its equipment, every domain did have the most amazing facts attached to it.

Besides, we also came to know that Badminton does play significant roles in our lives especially when it comes to our health. What are you waiting for then? Get ready and smash it.

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